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    Polish search and rescue group landed in Gaziantep, southern Turkey

    Last Monday, a devastating earthquake killed at least 2,921 people and injured more than 15,800 others. In summary, more than 4,300 people have died because of the earthquake that ripped through Turkey and Syria. Polish search and rescue group HUSAR headed to Turkey on the same day to help the victims.

    “We go and fly to save people.”

    76 firefighters of the State Fire Service of Poland, five paramedics and eight trained dogs left Warsaw at 09:40 p.m. yesterday. They took 20 tons of equipment, including search equipment and equipment to expand the camp and stabilize the structures of damaged buildings.

    According to the country’s president Recep Erdogan, 45 countries have offered help for search and rescue efforts. Polish firefighters were some of the few who landed in the epicenter, at the airport in Gaziantep, southern Turkey.

    “The mission… will be one of the hardest we’ve been on so far.”,

    the team’s head, Grzegorz Borowiec, told PAP.

    The Polish HUSAR group landed in Gaziantep at 2:29 a.m. local time. They arrived 3rd in the Gaziantep region. They were directed to Adiyaman, northeast of Gaziantep.

    “We can be proud of these people, they will represent us well and with dignity. They will give their best to save as many people as possible. Our team will work non-stop, in two places at once.”,

     the Chief Commander of the State Fire Service, Brigadier General Andrzej Bartkowiak added.

    Over the next few days, Polish rescuers in Turkey will search for people trapped under the rubble.

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