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    Polish streamer Emil Truszkowski received Twitch “Best Unlucky Moment” award

    Polish Streamer Emil Truszkowski (Aikoiemil) lives in Japan on a daily basis. He received Twitch “Best Unlucky Moment” award for an incident with a hungry hawk and a sandwich.

    He was streaming on the platform when the famous incident took place. He sat down by the water to eat a sandwich, but unfortunately, he was not allowed to enjoy his meal for long. After only a few bites, a hawk flew up to him, stole the sandwich and flew away. Aikoiemil’s reaction was spontaneous and full of emotion expressed through a deep Polish swear word:

    Japanese Tonbi, a black kite

    As we could learn from the streamer’s official Twitter account, actually the hawk turned out to be the black kite, a really popular medium-sized bird of prey in Japan. These birds are often found at the seaside. In the Kamakura area, they regularly steal food from tourists out of hand.

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