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    Pope Francis expresses support for St. John Paul II and calls for love and mercy in the Church

    Pope Francis has expressed his support for St. John Paul II and his concern about recent unfounded allegations made against him. During a prayer service on Divine Mercy Sunday, Pope Francis spoke out against suggestions made by the brother of Emanuela Orlandi, a woman who went missing in the Vatican nearly 40 years ago. The brother’s remarks, made during a recent interview, have sparked outrage and condemnation from Catholics worldwide.

    In his remarks, Pope Francis emphasized that despite its “limitations and failures,” the Church is the body of Christ, and believers must act in the name of Jesus’ love and wounds. He called on the faithful to open their arms to those who have been hurt in life and not to exclude anyone from God’s mercy, accepting everyone as brothers and sisters.

    The Vatican prosecutor has launched a new investigation into Emanuela Orlandi’s disappearance, and her brother’s allegations against St. John Paul II have caused widespread anger among Catholics, with many taking to social media to express their support for the former pontiff.

    Pope Francis’s words remind us that the Church should be a place of openness and acceptance, where all are welcomed in God’s grace. He called for unity and reconciliation, emphasizing the importance of acting in the name of love and mercy, which are the foundations of the Christian faith.

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