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    Post-Election Cleanup: Committees Face Fines for Delayed Poster Removal

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    After elections, the task of cleaning up campaign posters falls on election committees in Poland, and the clock is ticking. Within 30 days, these committees are required to clear the streets of campaign materials, failing which they risk fines. In Warsaw, the city’s Cleansing Department steps in if committees don’t meet the deadline, removing election materials and charging the committees for the cleanup costs.

    Penalties for Non-compliance

    Failure to remove campaign materials in Warsaw can result in penalties for election committees. Authorized representatives could face fines of up to 500 PLN. Moreover, the police or municipal guards are tasked with removing posters and slogans that pose risks to public safety or property or disrupt traffic.

    It’s essential to note that the obligation to remove banners does not apply to privately owned properties, ensuring that property owners have control over campaign materials on their premises.

    As the deadline looms, election committees in Poland must ensure timely removal of campaign posters to avoid potential fines. This legal requirement emphasizes the importance of post-election cleanup and the responsible disposal of election materials.

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