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    Presence of Wagner Group in Belarus Raises Concerns, Polish and Ukrainian Services Monitor the Situation

    In recent developments, the presence of the Wagner Group in Belarus has come under scrutiny, prompting both Polish and Ukrainian intelligence agencies to closely monitor the situation. Stanisław Żaryn, the secretary of state at the Chancellery of the Prime Minister and deputy coordinator of special services, revealed that the first Wagnerians have already arrived in Belarus, with their numbers estimated to be several hundred.

    According to Żaryn, the situation remains dynamic, and Polish services are keeping a watchful eye on the potential influx of more Wagnerians into Belarus. “The first Wagnerians are currently providing training to the Belarusian army and have established themselves in specially prepared camps,” he stated during a video message.

    The Wagner Group, known for its affiliations with the Russian government, has a history of involvement in various conflicts worldwide, and there are concerns that it may serve the Kremlin’s interests in Belarus as well. “The Wagnerians are de facto carrying out missions on behalf of the Kremlin, just as they do elsewhere,” added Żaryn.

    The Ukrainian border guards are also closely monitoring the situation, with Andriy Demchenko, a spokesman for the Ukrainian guard, confirming the movement of individual Wagner Group troops in Belarus. “We have observed groups of representatives from private military companies crossing into Belarus from Russian territory,” stated Demchenko. The border guards are working to understand the locations, tasks, and numbers of these militants.

    Earlier reports had hinted at the possibility of the Wagner Group’s diversion to Belarus, with estimates of up to 8,000 men being stationed in the Mogilev region, particularly in the Osipovichi area.

    Independent project Belaruski Hajun, which tracks troop movements, reported a column of Wagner Group vehicles in the Mogilev region heading towards Osipovichi. This region is of particular interest due to the existence of a former military base in the village of Cel, which was recently renovated after being abandoned for some time.

    As the situation continues to unfold, neighboring countries and the international community are closely monitoring the presence and activities of the Wagner Group in Belarus. With their potential involvement in Belarusian affairs, concerns over regional stability and security have grown, prompting heightened vigilance from intelligence agencies to assess the full extent of the group’s presence and intentions in the country.

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