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    President Andrzej Duda to Meet with Election Committees: Consultations for Poland’s Future

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    In a series of scheduled meetings, Polish President Andrzej Duda will meet with representatives of various election committees next Tuesday and Wednesday. Each committee will have a separate audience with the President, following the order of their performance in the recent elections. The meetings will take place in the Presidential Palace on October 24th and 25th.

    Meetings with Key Parties

    On Tuesday, consultations will begin at 12:00 PM with the Law and Justice Committee (PiS) and continue at 2:00 PM with the Civic Coalition Committee (KO). Wednesday’s agenda includes meetings with the Third Way Committee, the Left Committee, and the Confederation Committee, starting at 11:00 AM, 1:00 PM, and 3:00 PM, respectively.

    This initiative aims to discuss and deliberate on the future political landscape, given the electoral results. The Law and Justice Party secured 194 seats in the Sejm, the Civic Coalition 157, the Third Way 65, the Left 26, and the Confederation 18.

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