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    President Andrzej Duda’s Urgent Letter to Donald Tusk

    In a letter to Prime Minister Donald Tusk, President Duda emphasized that Dariusz Barski still holds the position of Prosecutor General, as he was not officially removed according to the prescribed legal procedure. The President accuses the government of making unlawful decisions in the realm of the prosecution.

    Legal Standoff: President vs. Prime Minister

    President Duda’s letter highlights a constitutional dispute initiated earlier this year, resulting in the suspension of all proceedings involving the appointment of the Prosecutor General. He insists that any actions taken thereafter are illegitimate.

    President Duda warns that the ongoing chaos within law enforcement agencies undermines the interests of Poland and its citizens, potentially paralyzing the justice system. He urges the Prime Minister and the Minister of Justice to refrain from further attempts to make unlawful changes within the prosecution.

    Call for Legal Integrity and Stability

    President Duda demands a cessation of unlawful actions in appointing the Prosecutor General, emphasizing the need for adherence to legal procedures to maintain stability and integrity within Poland’s justice system.

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