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    President Duda: In the European Parliament, We Must Fight for Polish Interests

    During a meeting with the local community in Przedecz, President Andrzej Duda firmly emphasized the importance of representing Polish interests in the European Parliament. His words were a clear message to all Poles not to believe in the illusion of a unified European representation but to focus on defending national interests.

    “Do not believe the fairy tales some tell that in the European Parliament you represent ‘some Europe.’ No, every MEP represents their own country, and anyone who doesn’t is simply naive,” said President Duda, urging participation in the European Parliament elections. These words clearly indicate that in the face of growing bureaucracy and centralization in the European Union, we cannot allow our national interests to be sidelined.

    President Duda recalled his experience as a former MEP, where he had the opportunity to observe the mechanisms of this institution firsthand. He emphasized that all MEPs primarily represent the interests of their voters, their nations, and their countries. Therefore, it is crucial for Poland to have a strong representation in the European Parliament, composed of responsible individuals ready to work hard for our country.

    Duda also appealed to citizens to participate in the upcoming European Parliament elections as well as the presidential elections next year. “I care deeply about high voter turnout, so the newly elected president feels they have a mandate, because that is very important,” he said.

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