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    President’s Consultations with Party Leaders Set for Tuesday and Wednesday

    In an official statement released today, the Polish President’s Office confirmed that President Andrzej Duda is set to engage in pivotal discussions next week with the election committees of parties slated to secure seats in the new Polish parliament. The meetings, scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday, will center on the imminent formation of a new government following the general election held on October 15.

    The centrist Civic Coalition, which garnered 157 seats, is poised to lead the government alongside the center-right Third Way and the New Left. This coalition emerged as the likely frontrunner after the conservative Law and Justice party lost its ruling majority in the recent election.

    President Duda expressed his inclusive approach, stating, “We will talk to everyone,” in an interview with the Polish weekly ‘Tygodnik Solidarnosc.’ He emphasized his intention to pose uniform questions to each party representative, focusing on crucial areas such as future plans, significant policy issues, investments, economic matters, energy policies, and defense strategies in Poland.

    The consultations are meticulously scheduled, with discussions set to begin at 12 noon on Tuesday with Law and Justice (PiS) and continue at 2 pm with The Civic Coalition (KO). On Wednesday, the President is scheduled to meet with the Third Way, the New Left, and the far-right Confederation parties in a sequential manner.

    The talks will be conducted separately with each election committee, following the order established by the parties’ performance in the general ballot. According to official results, Law and Justice secured 194 seats in the 460-member lower house of parliament, followed by KO with 157 seats, Third Way with 65 seats, New Left with 26 seats, and Confederation with 18 seats. These discussions mark a crucial step toward shaping Poland’s political landscape in the coming years.


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