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    Program for the Patriotic Camp

    I have a strange feeling that if the current government continues to do what it’s doing, its fate may be sealed fast enough. Even if the coalition seems solid today, cracks may start appearing in this solidity in a few months, especially if the local and European Parliament elections don’t go well. The patriotic camp should be prepared for a new proposal for voters that goes beyond the traditional PiS (Law and Justice Party) electorate.

    Here are a few pillars on which, in my opinion, this program should stand:

    1. Strategic Security – Our strategic security must be based on a bilateral alliance with the USA and a global one with NATO. Even if today’s U.S. policy towards Central Europe seems unreasonable and contradictory to their own interests, this situation won’t last long. At the latest, within a year, but I think even sooner, it will change at the expense of the current course towards Berlin. Strategic security must also take into account non-European allies of the USA: Great Britain, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Israel, and Australia. This is an area where we need to expand our economic contacts and resist pushing these countries out of the European market.
    2. Cooperation in the Three Seas Region – Today, due to Budapest’s wavering stance towards Moscow and pro-Germany Ukraine, cooperation in this region is freezing again. However, the countries in the region are destined for it in the long run, and sooner or later, it will be a Polish asset in the EU.
    3. Rebuilding the EU – Probably all EU participants agree that its current form does not promise a bright future. The problem is that everyone sees a different solution. It is in Poland’s interest to open the Union to cooperation with the USA and its allies, reducing the power of arbitrary decisions by EU institutions, and reducing its budget both on the expenditure and revenue sides. Part of the EU budget can be implemented by its members based on mutual agreements.
    4. Simplification and Reduction of Tax Burdens – The “Good Change” camp lost hundreds of thousands of voters by reintroducing the turnover tax for small businesses in the form of a health insurance contribution. All taxes should be based on income, i.e., profit, except for a minimum, basic contribution for all types of activities, health, and retirement contributions. There should also be an anchor preventing the total tax and ‘paratax’ burden from exceeding 50 percent of income. It applies to millions of people balancing between PiS, the Third Way, and the Confederation, often being opinion leaders.
    5. Building a Strong Army – No further explanation is needed. This matter requires constant attention and observation.
    6. Building a Modern Energy and Logistics Potential – Here, the right wing will have support from the USA and South Korea, and of course, obstacles from Germany.
    7. Abolishing the Tax on Public Media and Introducing Stable Funding Independent of Government Decisions – Some public media should exist, and clear funding rules need to be established for them.
    8. Completing the Judicial Reform, Regardless of External Pressures – The concept of this reform needs to be presented now, and then consistently implemented.

    Approximately 50 percent of conservative voters show great patience, but an offer needs to be made for them. It’s high time to start creating it.

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