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    Promoting Multi-Generational Tourism with Exciting Prizes

    Project Tarnów’s association embarks on the next phase of their Wonderful Journey campaign, championing multi-generational tourism. A unique contest offers participants the chance to win vouchers for trips to popular national destinations, aligning with the flourishing trend of social tourism.

    Supporting Seniors in Travel
    Data from the Central Statistical Office reveals that nearly 48% of individuals aged 65-74 have never used a computer, hindering their travel options. The campaign encourages young people to assist seniors, introducing them to travel-friendly mobile apps and inclusive destinations. The goal is to make travel accessible and inspiring for older individuals.

    Grand Adventures with Grandparents
    Traveling with grandparents provides an opportunity not just to explore new places but also to create cherished memories, share stories, and learn from one another. The unique perspectives of older generations enrich the travel experience, making it priceless family time.

    Dream Getaway Contest
    The campaign’s centerpiece is a contest where participants above 13 years old – with guardian consent – can win travel vouchers by outlining their ideal “Wonderful Journey” scenario with seniors. To enter, visit, fill out the contest form, and describe the dream trip.

    Influencers and Educational Guides
    The campaign enlists influencers, including “Leniwce w podróży” and Piotr Gładczak of “Wrocławskie Podróże Kulinarne,” to promote intergenerational travels through Instagram and TikTok. Additionally, two educational guides offer seniors insights into modern travel, explaining how to use popular travel apps and find suitable accommodations.

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