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    Pseudo-Ecologists Removed from Makowa Encampment: Illegal Blockade and Pollution Halted by Authorities

    In a recent development, the Wild Carpathians Initiative, a group of self-proclaimed ecologists, was forcefully removed from their encampment in the Przemyskie Foothills in Makowa, Poland. The encampment had been blocking crucial forestry work and causing environmental pollution for over two years. Following the decision of the construction supervision inspector, the police intervened and successfully dismantled the camp. The operation resulted in the discovery of drugs on the premises and the subsequent detention of four individuals.

    Michał Gzowski, the Spokesperson for State Forests in Poland, took to Twitter to share the news, shedding light on the actions taken by the authorities to address the long-standing issue. The Wild Carpathians Initiative, while presenting themselves as eco-activists, had been impeding forestry operations in the area, hampering the sustainable management of the forest.

    “They have been blocking forestry work and polluting the forest for 2 years. Following the decision of the construction supervision inspector, the police removed the encampment of pseudo-ecologists of the Wild Carpathians Initiative in Makowa in the Przemyskie Foothills. The police found drugs there and detained 4 people. We had to take their rubbish away with five trucks,”

    Gzowski wrote on Twitter. 

    Police Operation Removes Blockade and Uncovers Drug Presence, Highlighting Environmental Disregard by Pseudo-Ecologists

    The police operation carried out with precision and following the directives of the construction supervision inspector, was aimed at restoring order and ensuring the welfare of the forest. The presence of drugs within the encampment further complicated matters, raising concerns about potential illegal activities and misconduct.

    The removal of the encampment was not without its challenges. The accumulated waste left behind by the pseudo-ecologists necessitated the deployment of five trucks to clear the area. This unfortunate aspect underscores the disregard shown by the encampment for the natural environment they purportedly sought to protect.

    Authorities’ Actions Uphold Forest Interests

    The actions taken by the authorities to address the situation demonstrate a commitment to safeguarding the interests of the forest and its long-term sustainability. The removal of the encampment and subsequent detentions serve as a reminder that illegal activities and disruptions cannot be tolerated, even under the guise of environmental activism.

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