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    Rare Birth of Angolan Lion Cubs Brings Hope to Silesian Zoological Garden

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    Four Angolan lion cubs were born at the Silesian Zoological Garden in Chorzów in September 2023. These remarkable additions signify hope for the critically endangered subspecies and underline the importance of conservation efforts.

    The Angolan lion species is endangered

    The significance of this birth is not lost on local authorities, with Jakub Chełstowski, the marshal, and Marek Mitrenga, the director of the Silesian Zoological Garden, participating in the event. The Angolan lion population has declined by approximately 43% in the last 21 years, with only 77 individuals remaining globally, 73 of which are in Europe.

    The first such birth in 21 years

    Mitrenga expressed gratitude for the funding of a new lion facility, which will cost nearly PLN 3.2 million. This modern complex, designed for the well-being of these endangered animals, will include indoor breeding areas, exhibition spaces with spacious windows, and extensive outdoor enclosures. The Silesian Zoological Garden aims to become the world’s third facility to successfully breed Angolan lions.

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