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    Record-Breaking Surge: Over 560,000 Polish Expatriates Register for National Election and Referendum Abroad

    In an unprecedented surge, over 560,000 Polish citizens have registered on overseas electoral rolls in preparation for the national election this Sunday, as announced by Foreign Minister Zbigniew Rau on Tuesday. The upcoming parliamentary election will also feature a significant referendum addressing key issues such as migration, privatization, retirement age, and border protection.

    Rau expressed his anticipation that the number would surpass 600,000 by midnight on Tuesday, marking a threefold increase compared to the previous general election eight years ago, when only 200,000 citizens registered to vote abroad. During a press conference, Rau noted the substantial rise, saying, “Four years ago, the count was 314,000. This year, at present, it exceeds 560,000.”

    Emphasizing the urgency of the situation, Rau highlighted that Tuesday was the final day for Polish citizens residing abroad to register on the electoral rolls. He confidently stated, “Given the evident trend of a remarkable increase in registrations, I can assure you that by midnight tonight local time, the number will exceed 600,000.”

    Furthermore, Rau revealed that the election would witness a significant boost in the workforce, with twice as many electoral officials set to oversee the proceedings compared to eight years ago. This increase is attributed to the establishment of nearly 70% more district electoral commissions and the addition of 60 new voting locations, underscoring the country’s commitment to facilitating a smooth and accessible electoral process for its citizens abroad.


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