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    Ruling coalition maintains lead in polls

    A new opinion poll has revealed that the United Right coalition governing Poland could count on 37 per cent of the vote, a lead of 9 percentage points over its main rival.

    A survey conducted by Social Changes for the right-wing news website revealed that the centrist Civic Platform would receive 28 per cent of the vote if a parliamentary election were held on February 19.

    The two parties lost 1 percentage point each in support from the previous poll.

    The Poland 2050 conservative party came in fourth with 8 per cent, followed by the far-right Confederation with the same percentage and the Polish People’s Party in fifth with 7 per cent. The Left came in third, receiving 9 per cent of the votes.

    No other party managed to surpass the 5 per cent bar necessary for parliamentary representation.

    From February 10-13, 2023, Social Changes conducted an online survey of 1,067 Poles.


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