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    Russia accuses Poland of hostile plans towards Ukraine, official states

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    A high-ranking security official from the government has reported that Russian propaganda is asserting that Poland intends to take possession of a portion of Ukraine’s territory.

    Stanisław Żaryn, the Government Plenipotentiary for Security of Information Space of the Republic of Poland, wrote on Twitter on Friday that Russia’s so-called “political scientists,” who pursue the goals of Russian propaganda, continue to promote false information about Poland and its alleged plans to attack Ukraine.

    “Rotisław Iszczenko, who supports Putin’s criminal policy, claims that Poland intends to transform Ukraine into a buffer zone separating it from Russia, where the Polish army will be stationed,”

    Żaryn wrote.

    He added that the “political scientist” argues that Ukraine was considered a Polish protectorate after World War II.

    “Ishchenko uses lies about ‘Polish plans’ to make Russian imperial policy towards Ukraine credible. Once again, Russian propaganda suggests that only Russia can stop the ‘imperialism of the Republic of Poland’,”

    he wrote.

    Russian media has been disseminating a false story about the harshness of “Polish mercenaries” in Ukraine, which claims that Ukrainian mobilised forces are being used as “cannon fodder.” Żaryn pointed out that this narrative is meant to demonstrate the supposed subjugation of Ukrainians and Ukrainian territories by Poles.

    “The lies spread by R. Ishchenko lend credibility to the Kremlin’s message regarding the reasons for the attack on Ukraine. Russia must wage war because its interests are “threatened”, including by Polish imperialism,”

    he wrote.

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