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    Russia assumes the presidency of the UN Security Council

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    Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenski on Saturday described the news that Russia was assuming the presidency of the UN Security Council that day as “absurd and destructive”.

    As he recalled in a video shared on social media, on Friday the Russian army killed another Ukrainian child, a five-month-old boy named Danylo from Avdiyivka. His parents were injured.

    “This is one of the hundreds of Russian artillery shellings that the terrorist state carries out every day. And at the same time, Russia is chairing the UN Security Council,” Zelenski noted. 

    “It is hard to imagine anything more proving the full bankruptcy of such institutions,” the Ukrainian president added.

    Terrorists should lose

    According to President Zelensky, “there is no form of terror that has not already been used by Russia. And there will be no such cause that will stop the reform of global organisations, including the UN Security Council”.

    “Terrorists should lose, be responsible for terror, and not preside over anything,” Volodymyr Zelenski declared.

    Russia is one of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council alongside the US, China, Britain and France; it assumes the presidency on Saturday.

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