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    Russia must be defeated, Polish PM says

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    Mateusz Morawiecki, the Polish prime minister has stated that instead of the Western politicians’ view that Russia should not win the war in Ukraine, it should be altered to Russia must not win it.

    Morawiecki made the statement during a Saturday press briefing at the Munich Security Conference.

    Many politicians in Western Europe have expressed their opinion that Russia should not be victorious in this conflict, and Ukraine should not suffer a defeat.

    He believes that this is not a small variation in meaning, but rather a major distinction in how we view what is happening east of Poland.

    “Instead of saying that Russia cannot win or Ukraine cannot be defeated, we should change the paradigm and say: Ukraine must win. Russia must be defeated,”

    he said. 

    He said that Ukraine cannot be accepted as “some kind of a buffer zone” between Russia and the EU.

    “If we want lasting peace in Europe, lasting security, then Ukraine must be integrated into the free world, the EU and NATO as well,”

    Morawiecki said.

    According to him, the free world must prepare for long-term deterrence against Russia.

    Morawiecki cautioned that if Ukraine stopped receiving arms and ammunition, it would soon be defeated, and “Putin would look for another victim.” “He would only be looking for another country that could be conquered,” he said.

    As he added, “Russia has awakened the worst demons of the 19th and 20th centuries – colonialism, imperialism, nationalism, chauvinism.”

    “Today’s Russia is again a de facto totalitarian country,”

    Morawiecki said.

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