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    Russian Spy in Poland Charged with Espionage; Accused of Engaging Politicians in Propaganda and Provocation

    Janusz N., a suspected Russian spy, faces allegations of orchestrating covert operations to manipulate politicians for propaganda. Przemysław Nowak, spokesperson for the National Prosecutor’s Office, disclosed charges of espionage, initiating legal proceedings.

    According to the Prosecution Office, Janusz N. allegedly worked for Russian services, targeting Polish and foreign politicians, including those in the European Parliament, with activities ranging from propaganda dissemination to provocative actions and disinformation campaigns. 

    The investigation, conducted jointly by the Mazovian branch of the National Prosecutor’s Office and the Olsztyn division of the Internal Security Agency, uncovered a complex network of espionage activities allegedly orchestrated by Janusz N. He faces charges of espionage, drug law violations, and document forgery, potentially leading to a 15-year prison sentence. 

    The allegations have sparked concerns about foreign interference in Poland’s politics and its implications for national security and diplomacy. Further investigation is expected to shed light on the extent of Janusz N.’s actions and their repercussions.

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