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    Senior Polish Security Official Warns of Potential Russian Provocations during NATO Summit in Vilnius

    In an interview with private broadcaster Polsat News, Stanislaw Zaryn, the commissioner for information-space security, raised concerns about possible provocative actions by Russia during the upcoming NATO summit in Vilnius. Zaryn highlighted the potential use of airborne operations or the exploitation of migrants to escalate tensions along the border. He suggested that Russia’s objective is to undermine the summit and create divisions within NATO.

    Scheduled for July 11 and 12, the Vilnius NATO Summit will primarily focus on the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Member states are expected to adopt new regional defense plans, including a roadmap for defense manufacturing. Zaryn emphasized that Russia’s threats extend beyond Poland, with the country employing fear tactics surrounding nuclear attacks as part of a broader strategy to divide the Western world.

    Zaryn pointed to the increasing intensity of Russian propaganda as evidence that these actions aim to intimidate Western nations, making them hesitant to take decisive steps during the Vilnius summit. He stressed the need for a united front to counteract Russian provocations and demonstrate unwavering support for Ukraine in its battle against Russia.

    Last summer, Poland faced an influx of migrants attempting to cross the border from Belarus. The Polish government attributed these incidents to a coordinated campaign orchestrated by the Belarusian government to destabilize Poland and the European Union.

    In addition to NATO member states, the leaders of Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, and the European Union will also attend the summit, adding a broader international perspective to the discussions.


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