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    “Solidarność” Unions Unite in Protest Against EU’s Green Deal

    For the first time in many years, the sister organizations of “Solidarność,” both the workers’ and the farmers’ unions, will stand together in a protest in Warsaw, announced Piotr Duda, the chairman of the National Commission of the Independent Self-Governing Trade Union “Solidarność” (Solidarity). The demonstration is scheduled for March 6th in the capital, signaling a significant moment of unity between the two factions within the movement. This announcement came during an interview on Telewizja Republika, where Duda also touched upon a meeting between the Prime Minister and farmers set for tomorrow, expressing skepticism about any groundbreaking outcomes.

    Duda emphasized the historic unity for the upcoming protest in Warsaw, stating that the workers’ Solidarity movement would support the farmers in their protests. He hinted at the possibility of further protests beyond March 6th, suggesting a continued collaboration between the two groups. While not delving into specifics, Duda made it clear that “the jokes are over,” signaling a serious approach to the upcoming actions involving various sectors represented by “Solidarność.”

    The pressing issue for farmers, as Duda outlined, includes the uncontrolled influx of products from Ukraine but is significantly compounded by the challenges posed by the EU’s ecological changes, particularly the Green Deal. “The slogan that unites us today is: down with the Green Deal. It will kill everyone, not just farmers or miners but the entire Polish economy and us, the individual consumers,” Duda stated.

    Duda also shared his reservations about the forthcoming meeting with the Prime Minister, citing his long experience with politicians’ evasiveness across the political spectrum. He stressed the importance of concrete actions over promises, indicating a cautious stance towards the government’s assurances.

    The Solidarity leader expressed his desire for the immediate concerns, especially those related to the Polish-Ukrainian border situation, to be addressed in the meeting. However, he made it clear that the fight against the Green Deal would continue, highlighting the determination of “Solidarność” to challenge the policy they believe threatens the Polish economy and society at large.

    This united front between the workers’ and farmers’ branches of “Solidarność” against the Green Deal marks a significant moment in Poland’s ongoing discourse on environmental policy and its impact on the national economy and livelihoods of its citizens.

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