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    Soviet Red Army Monument Toppled in Szczecin

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    In a significant move, the monument titled “In Memory of Those Who Fell in the Struggle for Dąbie’s Liberation” in Szczecin has been demolished. The decision was driven by concerns over its distortion of historical facts, a sentiment echoed by Dr. Karol Nawrocki, President of the Institute of National Remembrance. The monument, seen by some as a symbol of Soviet propaganda, had long been a subject of debate.

    Local council member Dariusz Matecki announced the demolition on social media, sharing a video of the dismantling process, accompanied by the message, “No more Russian soldiers in Szczecin!” The removal of the monument was initiated by a citizen-led effort, reflecting a growing desire to reassess historical narratives.

    Dr. Nawrocki emphasized that true liberation does not involve violence or oppression, referencing the presence of Soviet soldiers in post-World War II Poland. He pointed to accounts of suffering and brutality inflicted by the Red Army in western Pomerania.

    The demolition marks a turning point in reclaiming historical accuracy and promoting open dialogue about the past. It raises questions about the role of such monuments and their impact on collective memory, urging a nuanced exploration of history.

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