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    Spotify Warns Against Proposed Government Music Fee, Citing Concerns Over Subscription Hike

    Spotify has issued a statement expressing significant concerns over a proposal by Poland’s Minister of Culture and National Heritage, Bartłomiej Sienkiewicz, to introduce additional remuneration for creators from music streaming services. This move comes as part of Poland’s efforts to implement the Digital Single Market copyright directive, which includes the music and audiovisual industry. Spotify argues that the music industry’s unique characteristics require separate consideration and warns that it cannot absorb the costs of potential double payment without impacting its support for local artists, increasing prices for Polish users, or taking other measures.

    Over the past 11 years, Spotify has made substantial investments in the Polish music market, significantly contributing to the success of many Polish artists and increasing the visibility of local music domestically and internationally. The service’s entry into Poland changed the landscape, with Polish artists now dominating the most popular lists, a stark contrast to the initial foreign-dominated scene.

    Spotify emphasizes that it already distributes the majority of its revenue to music rights holders, who then settle accounts with composers, authors, and performers through separate agreements. The company highlights its role in the substantial growth of Poland’s share in the global music market, with Polish artists generating significant revenue through the platform.

    However, the government’s recent shift toward implementing double payment for the same music content is viewed by Spotify as a complete turnaround, potentially damaging to the Polish music industry, artists, and consumers alike. The streaming giant urges the government to reconsider the proposed measures to ensure the continued strength and growth of the Polish music sector.

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