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    Storks are coming back to Poland after winter migration!

    Spring is coming! EcoLogic Group informed on Facebook that the first of their storks set off on its way to Europe.

    “Stork Zbysia set off on a journey to Poland! The first of our storks set off on its way to Europe”.

    The female stork has already traveled 211 km and is flying straight into the Nile valley.

    “If the winter migration is crowned with a happy return, it will be the 4th migration with the transmitter for our Zbysia. From the moment of putting on the transmitter at the starting point, the stork stopped in 3 subsequent nests.”, they wrote.

    According to, there are 10 birds that spend the summer in Poland under the supervision of EcoLogic Group. Zdzisia is the first to set off from its place of winter stay in Africa.

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