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    Storm Brewing: Polish MEP Sounds Alarm Over Poland’s Prosecutor Power Play

    European Parliament member Patryk Jaki has raised concerns about the recent takeover of Poland’s prosecutor’s office by appointees of Adam Bodnar, succeeding Zbigniew Ziobro. Jaki predicts severe consequences for those involved in this power shift, emphasizing the need for accountability.

    Jacek Bilewicz, the interim head of the prosecutor’s office under Bodnar’s appointees, assures the public of a smooth transition, stating that new appointees are seamlessly assuming responsibilities.

    However, Jaki and his supporters in the Sovereign Poland party are critical, alleging violations of legal standards. Jaki warns that decisions made by these prosecutors will face challenges due to what he sees as a disregard for legal precedents.

    Jaki highlights the potential repercussions for those involved, citing the case of Mariusz Kamiński and Maciej Wąsik as a precedent. He emphasizes the need for accountability and adherence to legal statutes.

    As tensions rise, Jaki’s warnings serve as a reminder of the fragility of Poland’s legal institutions under political influence.

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