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    Summary of EU summit day one by Polish Prime Minister

    Thursday’s EU summit saw the Polish Prime Minister, Mateusz Morawiecki, focus on the European Peace Facility, the question of Ukrainian children abducted by Russia, and the Belarusian regime’s suppression of dissenters.

    Morawiecki provided a recap of the talks between EU leaders on Thursday night.

    The first issue concerned the European Peace Fund which finances military purchases to help Ukraine defend itself against the Russian invasion.

    The Polish Prime Minister announced that the country has already received about PLN 200 million (EUR 43 million) from a specific facility. He further added that in two to three weeks, they will receive an additional EUR 200 million, amounting to a total of PLN 1 billion, which will be used for defence policy purposes.

    Morawiecki also said he advocated that the EU fund be bigger, “not EUR 3.5 billion, but significantly greater.”

    At the beginning of the EU summit, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki reported that he and UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres had discussed the kidnapping of Ukrainian children by Russia.

    “Poland and the European Commission are piloting the case, supporting Ukraine in looking for those children,” Morawiecki said. “Kidnapping children, abducting children, de-nationalising children simply resembles the worst Nazi German practices from the times of World War Two,”

    he continued.

    Prime Minister Morawiecki raised the topic of “brutal practices” towards political prisoners in Belarus by Alexander Lukashenko. He emphasised that the Polish minority is particularly suffering from the oppression of Lukashenko.

    Morawiecki suggested that further sanctions be imposed on Belarus, as it should not be used as a mechanism circumventing the sanctions that have been put on Russia.


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