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    Support for Belarusian Political Prisoners

    In a joint effort, the Memory of Nations Foundation, the To się Uda Foundation, and the Belarusian House in Warsaw have launched a fundraising campaign under the banner “Together for Free Belarus.” The initiative aims to provide financial assistance to families of political prisoners detained by the Lukashenko regime.

    Prominent figures like Andrzej Poczobut, Pavel Sieviaryniec, journalist Kaciaryna Andrejewa of Belsat TV, and over 1500 other political prisoners are in need of our support. They represent the hope of millions of Belarusians who yearn for democracy, civil liberties, and collaboration with Poland.

    The bravery exhibited by the people of Belarus commands the highest respect.

    The organizers emphasize that the shared history of the Polish and Belarusian nations has never been tainted by hatred or hostility. Their vision is for a free, independent, and strong Belarus that stands as a close partner and friend. Poles comprehend the path Belarusians are striving to tread, and their courage and determination evoke our utmost admiration.

    The fundraising drive also highlights the persecution faced by the Polish minority in Belarus. Despite the will of the Belarusian society, Polish cemeteries are desecrated, Polish schools are shuttered, and Polish culture and traditions are eroded.

    Amidst challenging circumstances, following Russia’s aggression in Ukraine, Belarusians have taken up arms against Putin’s army as part of the Kalinowski Regiment, named after the January Uprising insurgent.

    Let’s remember that Lukashenko’s prisons are continually filled with those who had the courage to stand against injustice. The families of the repressed and victimized require our support, as they endure the harsh repercussions of brutal oppression.

    Extend a helping hand. Let’s demonstrate our solidarity with those on the path to freedom!

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