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    Szymborze’s Dyngus Day Celebrations

    In the quaint village of Szymborze, nestled in the heart of Kuyavia, an age-old tradition comes to life once more. The ‘przywołówki dyngusowe’, or Dyngus Day summonings, have been a cherished part of local culture since the 19th century. Thanks to the efforts of the Klub Kawalerów association, this unique custom sees a resurgence, captivating both residents and observers alike.

    Summoning with Rhymes and Revelry

    As dusk falls on Easter Sunday, villagers and onlookers gather in the town square around a peculiar structure known as the “ambona.” Here, members of the Klub Kawalerów, or Bachelors’ Club, take center stage, chanting rhymes that summon forth the spirits of Szymborze’s unmarried youth. With each verse, they either extol the virtues of beloved maidens or humorously critique the bachelors, depending on their status and reputation within the community.

    While rooted in tradition, the modern incarnation of Dyngus Day summonings reflects a blend of nostalgia and contemporary sensibilities. The Klub Kawalerów welcomes unmarried men over the age of 21 who hail from Szymborze and enjoy a favorable reputation in the village. Through their dedication, this revival ensures that Szymborze’s cultural heritage remains vibrant for generations to come.

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