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    Tarczyński: “PiS Delegation Stood Alone Against the Green Deal”

    The implementation of the European Green Deal faces opposition in Poland due to its economic repercussions, as highlighted by Anna Zalewska, a Member of the European Parliament (MEP) from the Law and Justice party.

    Turów Coal Mine Closure Threat

    The recent court decision to annul the environmental permit for the Turów coal mine in Poland’s Dolnośląskie region has sparked concerns over energy stability and economic ramifications.

    Political Maneuvering and Environmental Concerns

    The decision’s basis on the absence of the Polish-Czech agreement in the environmental permit raises questions about the judiciary’s impartiality and the prioritization of political agendas over environmental considerations.

    Calls for Action

    Anna Zalewska and Dominik Tarczyński, both MEPs from the Law and Justice party, demand immediate action to overturn the “green” court ruling and safeguard Poland’s energy security and economic interests.

    The Law and Justice party accuses the opposition of hypocrisy, citing instances where political rhetoric contradicts actions in the European Parliament, particularly concerning trade liberalization with Ukraine.

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