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    Territorials from Podkarpacie Trained in Estonia

    Podkarpacie Territorial Defence Force has been collaborating with the Estonian Defence League for years, which is the Polish counterpart to the Territorial Defence Force (WOT). According to Lieutenant Mac, soldiers from Podkarpacie recently visited their Estonian counterparts to enhance their skills in offensive operations, including tactics such as assault, ambushes in terrain, and various tactical maneuvers.

    “The collaboration between territorials and Estonian soldiers allows for the exchange of knowledge and gaining new experiences. Our soldiers had the opportunity to participate in joint exercises covering camouflage techniques, nutrition, and methods of preventing hypothermia. The training program also included marksmanship, tactics, self-defense, and field rescue,” said Lieutenant Mac.

    The Territorial Defence Forces and the Estonian formation are linked by a “cooperation plan,” with the practical executor on the Polish side being the 3rd Podkarpacka Territorial Defence Brigade, named after Colonel Łukasz Ciepliński, alias “Pług” (Plow). Lieutenant Mac emphasized that soldiers from Podkarpacie, together with the Estonian Defence League, participate annually in the Estonian reconnaissance competition, Admiral Pitka Recon Challenge, achieving high rankings. “These are among the most prestigious international tactical challenges organized for reconnaissance teams from NATO structures in Europe,” she added.

    The Estonian formation consists of 15 regional units, mostly corresponding to the borders of local counties. The Estonian Defence League has more than 15,500 members. Along with associated organizations – Women’s Home Defence, Yung Eagles, and Home Daughters – it totals over 24,500 members.

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