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    The Disillusionment of #December13Coalition: 100 Days of Promises vs. Reality

    In a whirlwind of promises, the #December13Coalition led by Donald Tusk’s government marked its 100-day milestone, only to face criticism and accusations of deceit.

    Facing a litany of accusations, the coalition stands accused of propagating not 100 promises, but 100 lies, leaving voters disillusioned and betrayed.

    The Chaos of Tax-Free Threshold
    Amidst confusion, the coalition grapples with the simplest decisions, unable to agree on a tax-free threshold, further undermining their credibility.

    False Hopes on Social Security
    Promises of voluntary social security contributions falter, leaving citizens with little more than token gestures and bureaucratic red tape.

    Empty Commitments in Education
    Despite claims of reform, the bloated bureaucracy of the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Science fails to deliver tangible results, raising questions on the efficacy of the government’s agenda.

    As accusations of deceit and incompetence mount, the #December13Coalition faces a crisis of legitimacy, with voters left to ponder whether promises were ever meant to be kept.

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