The government television has concealed the salaries of new journalists

    When the new Minister of Culture, Bartłomiej Sienkiewicz, assumed control of the public television network TVP, he dismissed the management and many journalists, revealing their salaries. Members of the ruling Civic Coalition received detailed data on earnings and published them in government-friendly media.

    Many new journalists were employed at the government-owned television network TVP. When the organization Civic Network Watchdog asked about the salaries of the new team, TVP refused to disclose this information. This time, the television authorities stated that it is a trade secret and protection of personal data.

    ‘It is disturbing that political issues decide who will receive a response to a request for information,’ said Watchdog president Szymon Osowski. He added that TVP receives state subsidies, which are taxpayers’ money, and they have the right to know how it is being spent. Watchdog plans to take the matter to court.


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