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    The Shift in Gun Ownership Awareness in Poland

    In recent years, Poland has been among the least armed nations globally, with just under 3 firearms per 100 citizens. Patryk Majewski attributes this to historical factors and bureaucratic obstacles, which changed with the 2011 firearm and ammunition law. While the number of permits issued is increasing, it remains relatively low. In 2023, fewer than 41,000 permits were issued, a significant rise from the 15,000 in 2022.

    Majewski believes that the misconception of the difficulty in obtaining permits has led to this low ownership rate. The process, which takes approximately four months, involves specific training, exams, medical and psychological assessments. Different permit categories, such as collector’s, sport, and hunting firearms, exist, each with distinct requirements.

    Despite Poland having enough licensed firearm shops, relatively affordable prices, and ample ammunition, public awareness about the ease of obtaining permits remains limited. Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, there’s a growing interest in firearm training, reflecting an increased desire for personal defense.

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