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    Three Seas Initiative: President Duda attends the summit

    President Andrzej Duda of Poland has traveled to Bucharest to participate in the 8th Three Seas Initiative Summit, joined by First Lady Agata Kornhauser–Duda. The summit brings together 12 nations to boost economic development and connectivity in Central and Eastern Europe.

    President Andrzej Duda of the Republic of Poland has embarked on a journey to Bucharest, where he will partake in the 8th Three Seas Initiative Summit and Business Forum. Accompanying him is First Lady Agata Kornhauser–Duda.

    Head of the Office of International Policy, Marcin Przydacz, highlighted during a pre-departure briefing that representatives from 12 countries aligned with the Three Seas Initiative will convene in Bucharest. Additionally, the summit will feature John Kerry, the special envoy for climate of the United States, and President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine will participate in discussions online.

    Minister Przydacz emphasized that the Three Seas Initiative is continuously evolving, attracting infrastructure investments and prompting more nations in the region to join.

    He announced that Greece is expected to join the initiative during the Bucharest summit, and Moldova will be granted the status of an associated state.

    President Duda aims to initiate discussions on transit and transportation infrastructure development. The current situation east of our borders, including the blockade of Black Sea ports, underscores the crucial role that Central European countries, including Poland, Romania, Slovakia, and others, play in transit, including agri-food products.

    The Three Seas Initiative unites 12 countries: Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Hungary. The initiative’s core objective is to stimulate economic growth in Central and Eastern European nations and foster a stable and cohesive partnership in the area between the Baltic, Adriatic, and Black Seas.

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