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    Tomasz Sakiewicz: How Ukraine Is Weakening Its Chance

    Russia has already lost this war. No matter what happens, its international position will rapidly decline. The state of the Russian economy, contrary to the assurances of the Kremlin leadership, is simply deplorable and will get worse. It will take years to rebuild the army. However, Ukraine has not yet won this war. The Russians occupy almost 20 per cent of the country’s territory. The economy and infrastructure are completely destroyed. Population losses, mainly due to migration, are up to several million people. Today, Ukraine is a less populous country than Poland. Victory, if it comes, will be very bitter.

    But this victory may not come at all, at least not entirely. Some of the NATO countries are able to come to terms with some form of truce or peace, which will mean the partition of Ukraine. So far, no one has officially articulated this due to the firm opposition of Poland and, above all, the US. However, the Russians are now waging war in such a way that this situation may change. Unfortunately, Kyiv’s foreign policy mistakes are not helping.

    Moscow has completely changed its war tactics after the defeats last year. Instead of major offensives, it is waging a war of attrition. This is accompanied by the consistent destruction of the Ukrainian economy. But even more important in this game is the weakening of support from the West and the strengthening of the policies of those countries that want some form of rotten compromise. A compromise that will lead to another war in a few years’ time. The grain dispute and a few other unnecessary gestures towards Poland are making it a hell of a lot harder to maintain a course of toughness towards Russia and are increasing the role of Berlin, which is much more conciliatory towards Russia, in this game. If Berlin takes the main fiddle in the war, an unfavourable peace will be forced on Kyiv.

    We do not need gratitude very much. We help Ukraine in the name of our core values and for the sake of our own security. However, we badly need common sense and a sober assessment of the situation on the part of politicians in Ukraine.

    We want to help our brothers but will not do it without their involvement.

    Text written by Tomasz Sakiewicz, editor-in-chief of 'Gazeta Polska,' for

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