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    Ukraine Accused of Launching Failed Drone Attack on Kremlin by Russian Officials

    Russian officials have claimed that Ukraine launched a drone attack on the Kremlin, in a failed attempt to assassinate Russian President Vladimir Putin. The alleged attack took place on Monday, May 1st, and according to Russia’s RIA news agency, it was carried out by Ukrainian military forces.

    The Russian government has accused Ukraine of using drones to target Putin in the walled Kremlin citadel in Moscow. However, the Kremlin has said that the drones were intercepted and destroyed before they could cause any damage.

    The Russian Defense Ministry has released a statement confirming the attempted attack, stating that “anti-aircraft defences were used to shoot down the drones” and that no one was injured in the incident.

    Interfax reports, citing the Kremlin, that the Russian government considers the drone attack to be an assassination attempt on the president and has already announced retaliation.

    State Duma (lower house of the Russian parliament) deputy Mikhail Sheremet demanded – as a response – that a missile attack be carried out on the Ukrainian President’s residence in Kiev.

    The Ukrainian government has denied any involvement in the alleged attack.

    The issue was also addressed by Mykhailo Podolak, an advisor to the Ukrainian president, who pointed out that “Kyiv has nothing to do with drone attacks on the Kremlin.”

    “Such actions would not give Ukraine anything on the battlefield, but could only provoke Russia to more radical steps,” he added.

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