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    Ukraine to receive tanks in March, minister informs NATO

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    The Defence Minister of Poland informed a Tuesday meeting of defence ministers from NATO countries that are supportive of Ukraine that Leopard tanks donated to the Ukrainian army by a coalition of allies will be shipped to Poland, and are due to arrive in Ukraine in March.

    Mariusz Błaszczak said the tanks will be delivered after their future crews have learnt to operate them. Ukrainian tank crews designated to operate the Leopards are currently in training in Poland.

    Błaszczak noted that the conflict between Russia and Ukraine had resulted in European nations needing to strengthen their defences after years of reducing their armaments and understating the risks associated with Russia.

    “Europe and the West are reconstructing their defence capabilities, but for years these defences were being downsized, and there were countries who ignored the Russian threat,”

    Błaszczak said.

    He noted that “certain nations had been assisting Russia in bolstering its military might,” and argued that this necessitates increased arms production in Europe.

    Błaszczak said the ministers also discussed ways to provide the Ukrainian army with more munition and spare parts.

    Błaszczak declared that Stoltenberg’s remarks about increasing defence production in Europe to guarantee adequate munitions for Ukraine should be welcomed as an “essential” motivator. “This pressure is essential and should be welcomed as a strong motivation to do this,” he asserted.

    Minister Błaszczak confirmed Poland’s dedication to aiding Ukraine, and also unveiled further modernisation measures for the Polish military.

    Błaszczak stated that while joint arms purchases are practised by members of Nato, the outcomes have been disappointing thus far.

    Minister Błaszczak announced that Norway is now a part of the Nato coalition offering support to Ukraine. He stated that Norway has pledged to provide Ukraine with eight Leopard tanks, four armoured transporters and ammunition.

    Negotiations concerning the provision of Leopards to Ukraine are also being held with Finland, according to Błaszczak.


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