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    Uncovering Westerplatte’s History: Archaeological Discoveries and Challenges

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    Explore the latest archaeological triumphs on Westerplatte, uncovering Officer’s Villa and historical relics. Challenges persist in finding elusive structures and fallen defenders’ remains.

    Archaeologists have concluded the 10th stage of excavations on the historic Westerplatte peninsula, revealing significant findings. Conducted since spring 2016, the project aims to explore the entire area during ongoing Westerplatte developments. Notable discoveries include the Officer’s Villa, intertwined with the preserved Guardhouse No. 3, marking the site of Senior Rifleman Konstanty Jezierski’s death.

    The team unearthed relics of Mikołajew, a farming complex supporting the Military Transit Depot on Westerplatte. Among the 3,700 artifacts discovered, a noteworthy piece is a signaling trumpet plaque with the embossed Polish eagle, likely hidden by soldiers or civilian prisoners.

    Despite the success, challenges arose, such as the untraceable Ammunition Shelter No. 9, destroyed in the ’70s during parking lot construction. The search for the remains of defender Mieczysław Krzak, ongoing since 2021, remains elusive.

    The 10th phase explored the northern part of the “Red Wall,” a boundary separating the Military Depot area from the Free City of Gdańsk. While 75,000 artifacts emerged over ten stages, including items from the 17th century to contemporary times, the focus remains on honoring the defenders’ burial grounds.

    Parallelly, a research project in collaboration with the Pomeranian Medical University seeks biological traces at Senior Rifleman Konstanty Jezierski’s death site. Despite challenges, the quest to preserve Westerplatte’s legacy continues.

    The latest excavations on Westerplatte unearth Officer’s Villa, signaling trumpets, and relics.

    Despite successes, the quest for Ammunition Shelter No. 9 and Legionnaire Mieczysław Krzak’s remains persists.

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