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    US, Poland, and Britain assisted Ukraine during early stages of war notes PM

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    Poland’s Prime Minister asserted on Thursday in Copenhagen that Ukraine would have been unable to make it through the initial stage of the conflict if it had not been for assistance from the United States, Poland, and Britain.

    At the beginning of the press conference, Poland’s Prime Minister thanked his Denmark counterpart Mette Fredriksen for “kind words and all the conversations” they had the day before the 1st anniversary of Russia’s brutal attack on Ukraine.

    “Ukraine defends its freedom and our sovereignty. Europe passed the solidarity test also thanks to Denmark’s PM Mette Frederiksen. Ukraine must win this war and Russia must be defeated. This is the only way to long-term peace,”

    Morawiecki said. 

    “We support Ukraine’s path to EU and NATO membership. It is a turning point in the history of our region. We have to think outside the box and be bold. If Russia defeated #Ukraine, there could be chaos not only here but also in the Far East,” 

    he emphasised.

    While in Denmark for talks with Prime Minister Mette Fredriksen, Mateusz Morawiecki commented on the issue of security.

    “Frankly speaking, if not for the US, and, of course, Poland and Britain, Ukraine would not have survived the first weeks or months of the war,”

    Morawiecki said.

    When questioned about how the West should continue to provide support to Ukraine, Morawiecki stated that the country mainly required a quicker delivery of weapons.

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