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    US security official affirms Poland’s contribution to NATO

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    John Kirby, a spokesman for the US National Security Council, declared that Poland has made great strides in many areas and is a valued partner in the NATO alliance.

    Kirby stated on Friday to TVN24, a private Polish TV broadcaster, that the foremost purpose of President Joe Biden’s upcoming visit to Poland is to demonstrate to the world how vital it is to remain unified and to back Ukraine to attain triumph in battle.

    He stated that Poland was the perfect nation to take on this task since it is situated on the eastern border and is confronting genuine risks and difficulties from the east.

    Kirby indicated that talks with Polish officials about making NATO’s eastern borders more secure are taking place, but he doesn’t expect Biden to make any new declarations on the topic while in Warsaw.

    He will be expressing his appreciation on Tuesday for the Polish people’s determination to assist Ukraine and for taking in a large number of refugees.


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