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    Zbigniew Ziobro Defies Allegations Amidst Controversial Raid: A Display of Political Theater or Justice

    Former Polish Minister of Justice, Zbigniew Ziobro, emerged from his hospital bed to confront what he described as a “spectacle of banditry” staged by authorities. Ziobro, who recently underwent a serious operation, left the hospital to defend his integrity against what he perceives as falsehoods and unjust actions.

    The morning of the incident, beginning at 6 a.m., saw officers from the Internal Security Agency, accompanied by a prosecutor, forcibly enter a property owned by Zbigniew Ziobro. This action was part of a wider operation, with over 20 other locations, including residences of Sovereign Poland MPs and a monastery belonging to the Priests of the Sacred Heart, also being targeted.

    Addressing the media outside his home, Ziobro expressed his discontent with the manner in which the raid was conducted. He highlighted the violation of his rights, emphasizing that proper channels for communication and entry could have been pursued without resorting to destructive means. Ziobro underscored that despite his recent medical ordeal, authorities could have easily reached out to him to facilitate a lawful entry into his home.

    “I came here despite being far from full strength to support my attorney and resist the lies that have surfaced in the public opinion,” Ziobro declared, refuting claims that his family had been asked to provide access to his home. He maintained that his family neither possessed keys nor were they requested to facilitate entry.

    Ziobro challenged the credibility of the operation, questioning why authorities failed to contact him directly when his phone number remained unchanged from his tenure as Attorney General. He criticized the use of force, labeling it a “political spectacle of lawlessness” orchestrated to discredit him and his allies.

    “This is all a political spectacle of lawlessness, a display of Donald Tusk’s incompetence after one hundred days filled with one hundred promises that were supposed to be fulfilled. It’s all theater,” Ziobro asserted, vehemently denying allegations of obstructing access to his property or feigning illness.

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