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    The discovery of the remains of Lieutenant Nicholas Kirkilewicz, pilot of the 300 Bomber Squadron

    The genetic comparative research carried out by specialists from Pomeranian Medical University in Szczecin uncovered the remains of Lieutenant Nicholas Kirkilewicz, the pilot from the 300 Bomber Squadron of the Polish Air Force in Great Britain. The Lieutenant was laying in the grave of the Unknown Polish Airman, located at the Polish War Cemetery in Lommel in Belgium.

    On December 2nd, 2017, specialists from the University of Szczecin in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, exhumed the remains of an unknown Polish airman resting on the Polish War Cemetery at Lommel. The researchers studied the skeleton, artifacts and took samples necessary to conduct DNA comparative testing, which took place at the Department of Forensic Medicine at the Pomeranian Medical University in Szczecin. The department was where DNA had previously been secured from the families of three aviators who lost their lives on March 2, 1945.

    On March 2nd, 1945, Lancaster PB 854 BH-I commanded by lieutenant Nicholas Kirkilewicz took part in a daily air raid on industrial facilities in Cologne. He was shot down by anti-aircraft artillery in the region. None of the crew survived.

    The military ceremony at the Polish War Cemetery in Lommel, devoted to the restoration of the tomb of Nicholas Kirkilewicz, is planned for March 2, 2019 – on the 74th anniversary of the lieutenant’s death.

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