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    Paweł Mucha: We need lasting authority

    Deputy head of the President’s Office, Paweł Mucha argued on Sunday that in order to effectively make decisions in connection with the coronavirus pandemic, lasting authority is needed. “The public interest lies in the fact that elections are held in Poland within the period specified in the constitution”, he said in the program “Kawa na ławę”.

    Mucha also suggested that the Speaker of the Sejm may change the election date set for May 10th. “If a provision is adopted which gives grounds for the Speaker of the Sejm to change the date of the elections within constitutional ranges, it means within the deadline which falls no later than 75 days before the end of the term of office of the President (May 23rd), such decisions will be probably taken by the Speaker of the Sejm”, Mucha said. According to Mucha, the latest statements of the head of the National Election Commission, Sylwester Marciniak that May 10th is not possible to hold the elections, also include an appeal to the Polish parliament to end work on the Electoral Code as soon as possible.


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