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    Interpretative fight over the rule of law

    In the conclusions, the provision on the rule of law is very subtle and indistinct, so there is an interpretation struggle, the MEP prof. Zdzisław Krasnodębski speaks for the portal.

    The European Parliament wants to make this provision more precise so that the rule of law mechanism will be created and it will be a mechanism that shall prove to very inconvenient for countries that could be accused of violating it, the MEP prof. Krasnodębski said. Asked why some fractions in the EP are so anxious to clarify the principles on the rule of law, replied that “this is the majority in the European Parliament, and the rule of law is even more pressured by a group of socialists”. Asked whether there is a chance that the European Parliament will agree on the EU budget, prof. Krasnodębski said that “the provisions are not entirely clear here, because the EP can only reject it in its entirety or adopt it in full, so the EP has no power to make its amendments to what has been agreed”.



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