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    Head of Ukrainian diplomacy: The Nowak case concerns corruption

    The case of Sławomir Nowak does not affect relations between Ukraine and Poland, the Minister of
    Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Dmytro Kuleba, assessed. He assured that the case was purely corruption,
    not political.

    Sławomir Nowak, Polish politician of the liberal Civic Platform, was nominated as the head of the Ukrainian State Automobile Roads Agency, Ukrawtodor, is charged with corruption.

    Last Wednesday, he was arrested by a Warsaw court. Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kułeba said for TVP INFO:  “This is a high-profile case, widely discussed in the media, but it does not affect the political relations between Ukraine and Poland, I understand that in Poland, Mr. Nowak is a popular person who  attracts attention, but in Ukraine we see this case only as a corruption case. Mr. Nowak will be able to defend himself in court and prove that the charges against him are unfounded, or he will incur responsibility for what he did”

    When asked if the case could affect the image of Poland among Ukrainians, Kuleba assessed that “this story will only affect the image of Mr. Nowak in Ukraine, Indeed, in the time he was considered an effective manager who is not corrupt, but now we see facts that prove the opposite. Of course, they must be confirmed in court, because there is a  presumption of innocence, but the image of Mr. Nowak (…) actually suffered, however I do not see any impact of this matter on the overall image of Poland in Ukraine,” the head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry said.


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