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    Legendary Apple Computer Co-Founder Steve Wozniak To Visit Poland  

    You may be reading this article on a virtual platform whose presence is a testament to the enduring impact of Steve Wozniak’s technological contributions. The legendary co-founder of Apple, an American of Polish lineage, will be visiting Poland in the near future.

        This amazingly energetic leader with his accompanying entrepreneurial spirit will be arriving in Warsaw on November 27th. Alongside Apple Co-Founder Steve Jobs, Wozniak invented the prototype of Apple’s modern Macintosh computer with his creation of the Apple 1 Computer in 1976.
       Wozniak’s career has been inspiring for so many, from their early days creating the computer with his friend Steve Jobs in their bedrooms and Job’s garage. “The Woz” has done it all, still seeking to empower young people. He recalls Founders Day, promulgated by him as Sunday, 29 June 1975, when he first illuminated to Steve Wozniak a working prototype of the Apple 1, and typed a keyboard character on a screen. Thus, Apple computer, the Mac, the iPhone, the iPad, and much more began. His honors and award are voluminous, including the National Medal of Technology by the President of the United States in 1985, the highest honor bestowed on America’s leading innovators.
       Wozniak will be bringing his entrepreneurial talents to Warsaw thanks to the 100*100 Program, a brainchild of the National Polish Foundation. At its launch, Prime Minister Beata Szydlo inaugurated the National Polish Foundation as bolstering and promoting the modern Poland we have come to revere, “A beautiful, friendly Poland, a Poland that’s worth visiting, an ambitious Poland. A Poland with immense opportunities, great people and great ideas.” Who better to advance this noble mission than the man responsible for ushering the world into a modern era enhanced and defined by the optimization of our high-tech capacities?
        Affectionately known as The Woz, this amiable innovator, philanthropist, and technology entrepreneur  has dedicated recent efforts towards invigorating companies with the necessary passion and understanding for revolutionary industrial development and, therefore, provide new value in our constantly evolving globe. In the wake of adding another award to his repertoire, Wozniak proclaimed, “I have dedicated my career to building a better world through technology. Only through fostering innovation can we develop the solutions that will meet the economic and business challenges of tomorrow.” Attendees of the event will reap the benefits of the time Wozniak is investing in those committed towards solving our world’s greatest challenges. At the Summit, Polish start-up ventures will sit center stage for this occasion recognizing the country’s thriving entrepreneurial sector. The link connecting Poland and Silicon Valley, California, the hub of societal transformation, will be enhanced on November 27th, a developing trend upon which we shall continue to focus our attention. As “The Woz” articulated in a 2102 Forbes magazine interview, “Don’t give up your free time to partying. You can make something big when young that will carry you through life.” To express his ideas more concretely, one recalls his admonition “Think Different”, following one’s own dreams even if they seem unattainable.


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