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    Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban: Poland will become the new Germany in 10 years

    – Judging by the economic performance of Poland, it will become the new Germany in 10 years – said Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban in Radio Kossuth. He also pointed out that the European Union has to find its answer to the decline of its international economic importance.

    ‘Middle Europe is in good condition. Looking through numbers and Polish economic performance, I dare to say that the Polish economy will become the new German one in 10 years’ – said Orban. 


    Hungarian Prime Minister emphasised that Europe is dealing with many difficulties. ‘81% of all world’s investments came from the West and only 18% from the East 15 years ago. Currently, it has changed because 40% of investments come from West and 58% from East’.


    ‘The enormous change occurs all over the world, which determines the place of the West, the Western World, Europe and of course Middle Europe. We are in the centre of the huge transformation process’. 


    Viktor Orban also emphasised that he observes and analyses tendencies. He talks with scientists about remediations and relations on the European and Hungarian level. 


    In 2012, Viktor Orban read the elaboration in which scientists predicts that by 2050, the participation of Europe in the world’s production will have dropped to 15-17%. ‘Currently, we have 2020, and we have already been at this level. All processes occur much faster. The retreat of Europe follows faster than slower’ – concluded.


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