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    More pro-choice protests took place across Poland

    The nationwide demonstration against Thursday’s ruling of the Constitutional Tribunal, which effectively outlaws abortions in the cases of severely deformed fetuses which are thought to be incapable of living after birth, was held yesterday in Lublin, Gdansk, Wroclaw, Cracow, and Bialystok, among others. The nationwide women’s strike has already presented some of the demands.

    The nationwide demonstration against Thursday’s ruling of the Constitutional Tribunal was held yesterday, with the participation of thousands of people. The nationwide women’s strike has already presented some of the demands. 


    “If even one of us is attacked by this oppressive system which is now at Zbigniew Ziobro’s disposal, he will have to deal with all of us. This is yet another situation where the government inflames the situation. They have to see how many people are taking to the streets, how powerful this protest is. It should be already called a revolution.” said Klementyna Suchanow, an activist of the Nationwide Women’s Strike.   


    “We will list these remarks and comments in the coming days, and then we will announce the official proposal for our demands.” followed Marta Lempart, the head of the Strike.  


    According to the capital authorities, over 100,000 people took part in the Nationwide Women’s strike in Warsaw. Protesters marched through the city center and headed to the Zoliborz district of Warsaw. Some protesters clashed with police who arrested 37 people, including 35 football fans. 


    “The policemen have sifted various types of batons, including telescopic ones, tear gas, and many pyrotechnic products. The decisive actions taken by the crime prevention units and plain-clothed officers made it possible to effectively ensure safety in the city center.” tweeted the Warsaw city hall.


    “I have just been attacked with tear gas during an attempted parliamentary intervention – a group of fascists attacked people, so I tried to separate them and that’s when I got hit.” added Bartłomiej Sienkiewicz on Twitter.


    The president of the March of Freedom association has announced on Facebook that he received many threats since the National Guard was established, and that the matter was reported to the police. He also said which organizations decided to help protect Polish churches. 

    “Not only are nationalists and football fans standing there to protect churches, but ordinary Poles, patriots, and Catholics as well. We started this initiative, it was an impulse, but this impulse later led to a situation where several thousand Poles across the country, maybe even 20-30 thousand, decided to go outside and defend the churches.” stated Robert Bąkiewicz, the president of the March of Freedom Association.


    “This is a Freedom Parade, this is a Freedom Carnival, this is FREEDOM, which cannot be taken away from us by any scared idiot. Even if he has security, even if the police frighten us. #FreedomParade. Do you remember that we’ll be blocking everything on Monday? ;)” tweeted the Nationanwide Women’s Strike.


    The nationwide women’s strike has announced new blockades on the streets of Polish cities. 



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