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    Home Army veteran dies aged one hundred

    At the age of one hundred, Major Stanisław Szuro codename “Zamorski”, a participant in the September campaign, a former soldier of the Union of Armed Struggle – Home Army, a prisoner of German camps and communist prisons, youth educator and history teacher, died in Krakow.

    Stanisław Szuro was born on October 19, 1920 in Krakow. He graduated from the Jan Kanty primary school and the Nowodworski Junior High School. Before the war he was a junak. In 1939 he took part in the defensive war, after which he was interned in Birsztany.

    In 1944 he was transferred to the German concentration camp KL Sachsenhausen. In January 1945 he was sent to KL Bergen-Belsen for a few weeks, and finally to Barth from where he managed to escape during the evacuation of the camp. After the war he returned to Poland.

    In November 1946 he was arrested by the communists. In 1947 he was sentenced to death. After the amnesty on February 22 1947 the sentence was reduced to 15 years in prison. In 1956 he was released from serving the rest of his sentence.

    After being released from prison, Stanisław Szuro completed his studies in history in Kraków. He worked as an educator in schools.

    In 2008 he was awarded the Officer’s Cross of the Order of Polonia Restituta. In 2015 he was awarded by the Institute of National Remembrance with the title of a Witness of History. In 2017 he was promoted to the rank of Major of the Polish Army.


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