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    Łódź: Hospital ready to be opened

    This will be our so-called a strategic reserve, Tobiasz Bocheński, voivode of Łódź said today, informing that the temporary hospital in the EXPO hall in Łódź is ready for launch. The cost of investment and equipment is PLN 15 million.

    The hospital has 272 places for COVID-19 patients. “Of which 100 beds are ventilator places, including 15 beds of the so-called highest level of security,” the voivode informed. The facility was equipped with the most modern life-saving equipment and diagnostic equipment. All beds are monitored.

    The hospital was built in such a way that – as the voivode said – after the epidemic ceases, everything can be transferred entirely to other medical units.

    The marshal of the Łódź Province, Grzegorz Schreiber, congratulated the Łódź Province voivode “for building this hospital so efficiently and so quickly”. “Let’s hope that the disease will not progress in such a way that patients have to be admitted to this hospital. We are simply ready,” the marshal said.



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